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Our approach

Thanks to our portfolio of brands, Vera Beauty is dedicated to helping women and men around the world feel good and look beautiful.

Vera Beauty promises:

The best service

We are professional and friendly, we understand the client’s point of view and will always inform you.

Bright Ideas

We will innovate and promote creative ideas, we listen to your thoughts and strive to provide really desirable products and services.

Our history

From an early age, I had a great interest in cosmetic therapy and its ability to promote in me a positive improvement in my physical and mental image. I also feel that this has a strong influence on me, both in terms of mental development, and in terms of profession. I recognize that beauty therapy is a very complex and demanding career; but I feel that the rewards are amazing, knowing that you really have changed the way a person feels mentally and physically.

I really want to conduct cosmetic therapy as a career, because I really feel that it has value for other people’s lives. In a society that simultaneously requires and changes rapidly, I believe that cosmetic therapy has an important place; in terms of his relaxing and therapeutic qualities and his ability to improve the sense of calmness, well-being and self-confidence.

Beauty-therapy is a career that requires dedicated, reliable and trusting people who can quickly develop relationships with others. I am an open and honest person who respects other people. I am also a very good listener, which, it seems to me, is necessary for a career in the beauty industry. These are qualities that, as I feel, I have contributed both to my professional and personal relationships, and are especially reflected in the work that I do with other people.

In addition, I finished the course of cosmetology courses and received extensive experience in cosmetology clinics and beauty salons, which conduct a wide range of procedures. I fully enjoyed this experience, and it confirmed my desire to work in this industry.

I would like to continue my education in the beauty industry, and I feel that having conducted this basic degree, I will help expand my knowledge base and help me become a more experienced, effective and experienced beautician.

Meet the team

One of the ways to love yourself and take responsibility for your life is the practice of gratitude. Practical gratitude increases self-awareness.

However, to lead a life that is successful and successful, our standards of success must be realistic, and we must be able to enjoy and be grateful for our achievements.


Vera Umarova

Founder and CEO

Nothing can be more powerful than a woman who decided to get up.