Getting knowledge

Good time of days friends !!

I would like to say a few words about the actions of people at a time when they slowly go to their goal.

Training gives us the opportunity to learn 5% of the truth
Reading and repeating what we have gone through provides us with 10% of the knowledge we need.
Listening to the audio material helps to achieve 20% of the consolidation of our actions
To see clearly the process of work allows us to fill our internal stimulus by 30%
To discuss all thoughts, knowledge and experience with others guarantees us 50% EXPERIENCE !!
Practice in practice performs an almost inalienable decisive role by 75% in our step towards victory
And only teaching others 90% ensures your success and the victory to which you so strive.

The desire not to stand still, but to move forward while constantly working on yourself sooner or later will bring the desired results.

I wish all of you great success in achieving your goals !! and also LOVE YOURSELF AND BE YOURSELVES WITH YOUR ATTITUDE MY DEAR



Hello my dear friends . Today we will talk about Parafin!

Paraffinotherapy is a natural and effective procedure that helps not only to eliminate external defects and shortcomings, but also has a curative effect. The technique is based on the use of a special paraffin film, which creates a greenhouse effect.

Cosmetic paraffin is distinguished by powerful pre-treatment of harmful impurities and dyes. It refers to the means of premium class. Often, it adds a complex of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. There is a cosmetic paraffin on honey, fruit, oil and vegetable basis.

Cosmetic paraffin is aimed at removing signs of wilting and aging of the skin, its deep nutrition, moisturizing and healing.
The thermal procedure of paraffin therapy carries many useful functions for the skin of the face and body. It is considered to be the most light and pleasant, and can be produced both by a specialist and at home. Particularly relevant paraffin therapy in the winter season, when the skin is especially prone to thinning and weathering. Therapeutic and cosmetological effect is observed after the first session.


  • Severe dryness of the skin;
  • Propensity to swelling;
  • Age changes (ptosis oval face, double chin);
  • Premature aging;
  • Mimic wrinkles;
  • Deep creases and creases;
  • Cellulitis;
  • Cicatricial skin changes

Love yourself dear and be proud of yourself!


Practice with mezoniti!!

It is very important not to dwell on and always strive for your goal!! To start always hard and sometimes want to pass positions, but once again, you realize that giving up is still early, because there is still so much to do and so many wonderful people to make the opportunity to feel It is excellent, and also to help preserve and emphasize the dignity of their nature when the time is, alas, is beginning to work backwards!!



Good day to all my good! Let’s Talk About Mesotherapy

Over the years, the skin becomes thinner, loses its elasticity and reacts less and less to the influence of growth factors and less and less provokes skin cells to divide. It is during this period that the “delivery” of life-giving substances to the skin is needed, which helps reprogram the old cells to function as young cells.
The aim of mesotherapy is to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin, to restore her beautiful, healthy color and radiance, to remove wrinkles and pigment spots, and to strengthen and grow hair by administering medicinal preparations with microdoses in the face, neck, décolletage and hair.
In this case, the effect of the procedure depends on the composition of the so-called mesococtails – a mix of drugs and elements that ensure the desired result.
The cosmetologist is a kind of bartender, who in each case “prepares for you” an individual mezokokteyl. At the same time, he must take into account not only the desired result, but also the peculiarities of the organism of each client. For example, for a facelift, cocktails do not fit to restore health to hair, and vice versa.

The course of mesotherapy is assigned individually. Rhythmicity 1 time in 7-10 days

Love yourself dear ones and be proud of yourself.


Mechanical Cleaning

Probably it’s not a secret for anyone that mechanical cleaning is one of the most effective ways to cleanse the skin of acne, comedones (clogged pores).
No matter how we try to cleanse the face with scrubs, masks and peelings, only surface contaminants are removed. Yes, some tools work better, some worse, and some can even pull something out of pores (for example, mask-film), but still it’s minimal results. Due to the whitening effect and narrowed pores, it may seem that the skin is much cleaner, but it’s only visual.
Carrying out a face cleansing should be carried out competently and to a greater degree the result and the future state of the skin will depend on the master himself.
Naturally, after that, the skin will be slightly reddish and sometimes swollen, but by evening it is slowly coming down. On the 2nd – 3rd day, the skin returns to normal.
The first days it is desirable not to use tonal and other means that can clog pores.
Mechanical cleaning is desirable to be done 1 time in 3-4 months depending on the skin.
P.S Cleaning the face at home is a pretty dangerous task, because you can cause your own face damage in the form of scars, smallpox, couperose. !!! Love yourself and be proud of yourself


Alginate Mask

Good evening, my dears!
Today I would like to tell a bit about the Alginate  mask.
Alginate mask is a powder that is made from seaweed, but as a rule, these masks contain other active components:
* Vitamins
* Herbal extracts
*Tea tree oil
* Hyaluronic acid
Alginate is converted into a gel in combination with water. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Frozen, forms a film on the skin, filling all the mimic wrinkles and wrinkles. Already as a result of the first first procedure, it tightens the skin, possessing a kind of lifting effect. The alginate mask has no contraindications and as for the benefit, it is:
* removes toxins;
* moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
* removes inflammation, eliminating irritation and redness on the skin;
* Narrows the blood vessels;
* cleaves fats, allowing you to adjust the contour of the face;
* normalizes the mineral balance at the cellular level;
* Restores the protective function.